Jamie O’Brien Signature Mauli Ola Hat

“Surfer, The Bar” on Hawaii’s fabled North Shore was hopping on the evening of January 23, 2013 during the Jamie O’Brien Signature Hat Release Party for Mauli Ola Foundation. The evening’s festivities were full of surprises and spontaneity, with loads of support and successful fundraising for Mauli Ola’s Surf Experience Day events.

“We made Jimmy’s hat event into a concert,” explains Mauli Ola Surf Experience Director Bobby Serna. As Grammy Award-winning artists John Cruz & Paula Fuga performed, world famous surfing legend Kelly Slater took the stage to join the musical duo, giving an impromptu performance. “Kelly got up there and did one of Paula’s songs and the crowd went wild,” shares Bobby Serna.

Adds, Mauli Ola’s newly appointed Community Outreach Director Hans Hagen, “It was a full house. People were there for the live concert, for the hats and for Jamie O’Brien. The party continued until closing time at 1:30 AM.”

Speakers at the event included Mauli Ola’s Patient Advocate, Caleb Remington, who gave a heartfelt speech about Cystic Fibrosis and how his own health has been improved since he began surfing four years ago. According to Hans Hagen, “Caleb really wanted to come to California to start surfing, and he wanted to throw a charity event involving surfing to raise money for CF. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mauli Ola Foundation existed. After attending a few of our surf days he sent us a letter saying he wanted to be a part of the foundation.”

Now, a staff member with Ambry Genetics, Caleb Remington was flown out to Hawaii to speak at the Jamie O’Brien hat release party, and to great acclaim. “We were so inspired by Caleb that we hired him at Ambry Genetics in our Marketing Department, and he became our Patient Advocate for Mauli Ola. We sent him to Hawaii to get natural saline treatment for a few days and to be our speaker,” states Bobby Serna.

Jamie O’Brien, whose roots with Mauli Ola Foundation run deep (Jamie’s father is on the MOF board of directors), also spoke to the crowd about the importance of Mauli Ola’s work with Cystic Fibrosis.

Jamie’s signature Flexfit Mauli Ola hats were on display on a glass riser for people to see as they entered the venue, and each of the displayed hats were available for purchase with proceeds going to Mauli Ola Foundation. There was an audio visual presentation, which included a 15 minute Jamie O’Brien film focused on why he devotes his time to giving back to Mauli Ola Foundation. The poignant film about Jamie’s involvement with Mauli Ola Foundation really hit home for the audience. In addition, Mauli Ola marketing materials were put up around the venue.

 “Jamie’s MOF signature hat release party was all about awareness and educating about MOF, and was punctuated by a celebration of music,” continues Hagen.”Jamie’s Mauli Ola signature hat featured a demin look with Jamie’s sponsors and local North Shore hot spots featured on the hat. The hat is very North Shore, very Hawaii,” concludes Hagen.