Hurley Surf Club

Hurley kicked of their CA Hurley Surf Club this week during the Pro. With sessions from groms to pro athletes, everyone came out with some knowledge and tips on being a better surfer.

Flexfit partnered up with the Hurley Surf Club to make special location specific hats for all their participants.

What is the Hurley Surf Club:
Welcome to the Hurley Surf Club: your source for progression in the water.

Whether you’re looking to ride your first wave or hatching plans for an assault on the world tour, we want to make your surfing experience more fun. One of the
easiest ways to make surfing more fun? Getting better, each and every day.

At the Hurley Surf Club, we invite you to unlock your surfing potential by connecting with
the sport’s best athletes, experts and gear for you. Consider us your caddy, always
there in the channel. From personal technique analysis to how-to videos to live sessions
with Hurley athletes in key locations around the globe, there’s always more to
learn in surfing.

Make sure to visit to find the next event near you