Herschel Supply x Flexfit at Agenda Long Beach

As the title partner to Agenda Show, it is our responsibility to raise the bar with our show exhibitions. Ultimately, through Basecamp, our objective is to create a “destination” for show exhibitors and attendees. With the inclusion of art, full-service bar and aesthetically-empowering hat displays, Flexfit’s Basecamp has definitely become a mainstay in the photo galleries of attendee smartphones.

For the recent Long Beach show, Flexfit teamed up with quality bag producer Herschel Supply Co with a massive art installation. With the works of Los Angeles artist Kevin Butler, we were able to bring in a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle and stack nearly 50 surfboards on top. In short, the installation was ineffable, inspiring and breathtaking.

Along with the car installation, Flexfit showcased the 4 limited edition caps with Peas & Carrots, Pancake Epidemic, Girl Skateboards & Lazy Oaf. Aside from the Agenda Show caps, Flexfit also showcased its headwear prowess with a display case of past works. Through such activities and setups, the Basecamp lounge at Agenda has become a hub of cultural tastemakers and provides a relaxed environment for attendees to reconnect, converse and share ideas.

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