Agenda Show 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, a tradeshow that defied the norms of industry practices was born. For ten years the show, known as Agenda, has grown with a juggernaut-like force that has grasped the attention of tastemakers in streetwear and action sports. In short, those who are relevant are at Agenda.

With over 600 brands and 18,000 show attendees, Agenda started and closed its 2013 Long Beach show with a bang. In celebration of Agenda’s 10 year anniversary, Flexfit crafted 3 limited edition caps with streetwear labels Huf, SSUR and Staple. A 4th cap, designed by Agenda, was also crafted. As expected the hats were a huge hit at the show as a plethora of attendees were clamoring to get their hands on any of them.

Flexfit continued its arts initiative program, called Basecamp, at the front and center of the Long Beach Convention Center. Basecamp featured works of Hurley legend, CR Stecyk III, and a live mural installation by Scott Sueme, a close cohort of Jeff Hamada ( In addition to the artwork, Basecamp showcased Flexfit’s robust cap portfolio and a full-service bar. There was no doubt that Basecamp was a hot destination at the show.

Agenda’s thriving success is indubitably rooted in its values and initiatives that continue to bring together the industry’s most talented tastemakers. We are grateful to be a valued partner to Agenda and continue to build upon its success.