2017 Agenda NYC Winter Show

Flexfit had their “Thinking Cap” installation on view at the past Agenda NYC winter show.

More than just an eye pleasing monument, this is an installation with a great metaphor:

“Put your thinking cap on” It’s a phrase commonly uttered by grade school teachers. Although its ubiquitous use can make the word “think” seem rather pedestrian, we at Flexfit never take that human action for granted. We firmly believe that thinking is the fundamental basis for creativity, value and all human progress.

 This installation is a metaphor for Flexfit’s thinking prowess. It is a monument and promise that we will continue to think, solve problems and create value for our beloved clients.

 Along with the installation, Flexfit and Agenda collaborated on limited edition hats with Extra Butter, Stugazi, Primitive and Agenda’s very own NYC themed hat.