2017 Agenda Long Beach Summer Tradeshow

The summer Agenda Tradeshow kicked off this past week at the Long Beach Convention Center on July 13 – 15, 2017. The first ever Agenda Festival was held on the final day of the show which was opened to the public. The festival included live music performances and a shopping experience where attendees were able to purchase limited edition items from different brands.

For this past show, Flexfit partnered up with the artist, 3D Joe on a “Sky is the Limit” installation which featured artwork on the floor of Flexfit’s booth.

Through constant and an endless choice of headwear, we offer an ideal environment for brands to develop only the freshest hats

 Along with the installation. Flexfit & Agenda collaborated on limited edition hats with Workwell Agency, Jason Markk and 2 of Agenda’s very own Long Beach show hats.