Contents: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Sizes: S/M (6 3/4” - 7 1/4”)
L/XL (7 1/8” - 7 5/8”)
Additional Features: Flexfit Delta is a revolutionary cap that is the lighter, sleeker, smarter and more comfortable choice. It fuses panels with a seamless, stitch-free finish and it couples a lightweight visor fabrication with a new 3-Layer multifunction sweatband for sweat absorption, stain prevention and quick drying. There's even patent-pending stain block tech that prevents sweat staining on the cap's crown. It also features a water repellent functionality. New lightweight, hard buckram.
PROFILE Profile Mid
CROWN Crown 3 ½" High
VISOR Visor Curved
PANELS Panels 6
180 FLEXFIT DELTA® 6 colors  New, Flexfit Delta 6006MC YP CLASSICS™ Multicam® Trucker 2 colors  Adjustables, Outdoors, New 6006T YP CLASSICS™ Classic Trucker 2-Tone 8 colors  Adjustables, New 6089MC YP CLASSICS™ Multicam® Snapback 2 colors  Adjustables, Outdoors, New 6089TC YP CLASSICS™ Premium Snapback Camo 2-Tone 2 colors  Adjustables, New 6245CM YP CLASSICS™ Classic Dad Cap 12 colors  Adjustables, New 6245MC YP CLASSICS™ Multicam® Low Profile Cotton Twill 2 colors  Adjustables, Outdoors, New 6277MC THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL FLEXFIT® Multicam® 2 colors  Outdoors, New, Flexfit 6320 YP CLASSICS™ Classic Curved Visor Foam Trucker 5 colors  Adjustables, New 6320W YP CLASSICS™ Curved Foam Trucker with White Front Panel 2 colors  Adjustables, New 6506 YP CLASSICS™ 5-Panel Retro Trucker 6 colors  Adjustables, Flexfit, New 6506T YP CLASSICS™ 5-Panel Retro Trucker 2-Tone 5 colors  Adjustables, New 6511 FLEXFIT® Trucker Mesh 8 colors  Flexfit, New, Top Sellers 6511MC FLEXFIT® Multicam® Trucker Mesh 2 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit, New 6511T FLEXFIT® Trucker Mesh 2-Tone 8 colors  Flexfit, New 6584 FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry 3D Hexagon Jersey Cap 4 colors  Performance, Flexfit, New 6587 FLEXFIT® Hydro Grid Cap 4 colors  Performance, Flexfit, New 6606 YP CLASSICS™ Retro Trucker 7 colors  Adjustables, New, Top Sellers 6606CA YP CLASSICS™ Retro Trucker Camo 1 colors  Adjustables, New 6606MC YP CLASSICS™ Multicam® Retro Trucker 3 colors  Adjustables, Outdoors, New 6606T YP CLASSICS™ Retro Trucker 2-Tone 14 colors  Adjustables, New 6606W YP CLASSICS™ Retro Trucker with White Front Panel 2 colors  Adjustables, New 6789M YP CLASSICS™ Premium Curved Visor Snapback 8 colors  Adjustables, New 6988 FLEXFIT® TRUETIMBER® Kanati Camo 1 colors  Outdoors, New, Flexfit 8051 YP CLASSICS™ Visor 3 colors  Adjustables, New, Visors 8888 Yupoong Sports Sun Visor 4 colors  Adjustables, New, Visors 1500KC YP CLASSICS™ Knit Beanie 18 colors  Knit, Top Sellers 1501KC YP CLASSICS™ Cuffed Knit Beanie 18 colors  Knit, Top Sellers 5001 V-FLEXFIT® Cotton Twill 8 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 6006 YP CLASSICS™ Classic Trucker 6 colors  Adjustables, Top Sellers 6089M YP CLASSICS™ Premium Snapback 16 colors  Adjustables, Top Sellers 6210 FLEXFIT 210® Premium Fitted 8 colors  210 Fitted / Fitted, Top Sellers 6277 FLEXFIT® Wooly Combed 22 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 6277T FLEXFIT® Wooly Combed 2-Tone 2 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 6355 FLEXFIT® Melange 2 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 6477 FLEXFIT® Wool Blend 13 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 6745 FLEXFIT® Cotton Twill Dad Hat 7 colors  Flexfit, Top Sellers 110C FLEXFIT 110® Pro-Formance® 6 colors  Adjustables, Performance, 110 110CT FLEXFIT 110® Pro-Formance® 2 Tone 2 colors  Adjustables, Performance, 110 110F FLEXFIT 110® Snapback 8 colors  Adjustables, 110 110FT FLEXFIT 110® Snapback 2 Tone 5 colors  Adjustables, 110 110P FLEXFIT 110® Cool & Dry Mini Pique 6 colors  Adjustables, Performance, 110 8110 FLEXFIT 110® Visor 5 colors  110, Visors 5003 FLEXFIT® Bucket Hat 5 colors  Flexfit 6195P FLEXFIT® Pinstripe 5 colors  Flexfit 6196 FLEXFIT® Glen Check 2 colors  Flexfit 6197 FLEXFIT® Tartan Plaid 3 colors  Flexfit 6277XXL FLEXFIT® Wooly Combed XX 4 colors  Flexfit 6277Y FLEXFIT® Wooly Combed Youth 5 colors  Youth, Flexfit 6297F FLEXFIT® Pro-Baseball On-Field 6 colors  Flexfit 6311 FLEXFIT® Trucker Melange 5 colors  Flexfit 6377 FLEXFIT® Brushed Twill 7 colors  Flexfit 6386 FLEXFIT® Contrast Stitch Dad Hat 4 colors  Flexfit 6511W FLEXFIT® Trucker Mesh with White Front Panels 2 colors  Flexfit 6530 FLEXFIT® Ultrafibre 3 colors  Flexfit 6533 FLEXFIT® Ultrafibre & Airmesh 8 colors  Flexfit 6533T FLEXFIT® Ultrafibre & Airmesh 2-Tone 2 colors  Flexfit 6560 FLEXFIT® Five Panel 4 colors  Flexfit 6572 FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry Calocks 4 colors  Performance, Flexfit 6577CD FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry Pique Mesh 6 colors  Performance, Flexfit 6580 FLEXFIT® Pro-Formance® 6 colors  Performance, Flexfit 6597 FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry Sport 7 colors  Performance, Flexfit 6599 FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry Sport Twill Cut & Sew 7 colors  Performance, Flexfit 6777 FLEXFIT® Athletic Mesh 9 colors  Flexfit 6911 FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Break Up Mesh 2 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6977CA FLEXFIT® Garment Washed Camo 2 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6997 FLEXFIT® Garment Washed Cotton 5 colors  Flexfit 6997XXL FLEXFIT® Garment Washed Cotton Dad Hat XXL 3 colors  Flexfit 6999MOBU FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Break Up 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999MOIN FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Infinity 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999MOSG FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999XX-MOBU FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Break Up XXL 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999XX-MOIN FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Infinity XXL 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999XX-MOSG FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Grass Blades XXL 1 colors  Outdoors, Flexfit 6999Y MOBU FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Break Up Youth 1 colors  Outdoors, Youth, Flexfit 6999Y MOIN FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Infinity Youth 1 colors  Outdoors, Youth, Flexfit 6999Y MOSG FLEXFIT® Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades Youth 1 colors  Outdoors, Youth, Flexfit 6210T FLEXFIT 210® Premium Fitted 2-Tone 4 colors  210 Fitted / Fitted 6210XXL FLEXFIT 210® Premium Fitted XXL 3 colors  210 Fitted / Fitted 5089M YP CLASSICS™ Premium 5-Panel Snapback 7 colors  Adjustables 5089MT YP CLASSICS™ Premium 5-Panel Snapback 2-Tone 3 colors  Adjustables 6002 YP CLASSICS™ Classic Poplin Golf 5 colors  Adjustables 6005FF YP CLASSICS™ Foam Trucker 5 colors  Adjustables 6005FW YP CLASSICS™ Foam Trucker with White Front 6 colors  Adjustables 6006W YP CLASSICS™ Classic Trucker with White Front Panel 8 colors  Adjustables 6007 YP CLASSICS™ 5-Panel Cotton Twill Snapback 7 colors  Adjustables 6007T YP CLASSICS™ 5-Panel Cotton Twill Snapback 2-Tone 3 colors  Adjustables 6089CAMO YP CLASSICS™ Premium Snapback Camo 1 colors  Adjustables 6089MT YP CLASSICS™ Premium Snapback 2-Tone 16 colors  Adjustables 6245PT YP CLASSICS™ Peached Cotton Twill Dad Cap 7 colors  Adjustables 6262SV YP CLASSICS™ Brushed Cotton Sandwich Visor 6 colors  Adjustables 6308J/B YP CLASSICS™ Pro-Style Twill Snapback Youth 3 colors  Adjustables, Youth 6308VW YP CLASSICS™ Pro-Style Cotton Twill Snapback 7 colors  Adjustables 6363V YP CLASSICS™ Brushed Cotton Twill Mid Profile 9 colors  Adjustables 6502 YP CLASSICS™ Unstructured 5-Panel Snapback 7 colors  Adjustables 6508 YP CLASSICS™ Corduroy Snapback 3 colors  Adjustables 6689 YP CLASSICS™ Melton Wool Snapback 5 colors  Adjustables 7005 YP CLASSICS™ Jockey 7 colors  Adjustables 8888SV Garment Washed Sandwich Visor 4 colors  Adjustables 1501P YP CLASSICS™ Cuffed Pom Pom Knit Beanie 7 colors  Knit 1525CM YP CLASSICS™ Cool Max® Beanie 4 colors  Knit 1535TH YP CLASSICS™ Thinsulate Cuffed Beanie 5 colors  Knit 1545K YP CLASSICS™ Ribbed Cuffed Knit Beanie 7 colors  Knit