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1 Mar 2012

Flexfit Partners with Hamylo to Benefit Haiti...

1 March 2012


Flexfit Creates Hats For Hamylo to Benefit Haiti Charities

 Flexfit has signed on as a sponsor of Hamylo (short for Haiti My Love), an organization dedicated to supporting and uplifting the nation of Haiti through media alliances and charitable contributions.

In conjunction with the global Haiti movement, Hamylo was founded by philanthropist and filmmaker, Macc Plaise. Plaise is co-producer of the much anticipated documentary film, Sweet Micky For Prezidan, which chronicles the rise of former musician, businessman and politician Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly to the presidency of a post-earthquake Haiti. Sweet Micky For Prezidan features appearances and interviews by fellow Haiti activists: Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Wyclef Jean, Pras (The Fugees), Niles Barker and Danny Glover.

Hamylo’s mission is to ensure that the needs of Haiti remain relevant in the public’s consciousness through film projects and product branding that will generate charitable donations for Haiti.

To support Hamylo’s cause, Flexfit is creating a limited run of custom embroidered special edition hats that will feature Hamylo’s “H” logo topped with the cap of liberty as it appears on Haiti’s national flag. Sales proceeds from the Flexfit/Hamylo hats will be donated for the ongoing relief efforts and re-building of Haiti. A portion of proceeds from hat sales will be donated to: Embrace Haiti Now, Stiller Foundation and J/P Haitian Relief Organization, among other charitable causes.

The Hamylo “H” logo, designed by Hamylo founder Macc Plaise, is intended to drive brand identity and recognition for the nation of Haiti, and to act as a reminder of both the plight and resilience of the Haitian people.

Flexfit’s Hamylo “H” hats will be available at in March 2012.