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24 Sep 2011

Mauli Ola Holds Surf Experience Day at...

24 September 2011


Mauli Ola Holds Surf Experience Day at Legendary Surf Spot in Malibu

 Malibu is known for having some of the best waves in all of Southern California, perhaps in the world. With its long history of surf heritage and Hollywood-lore, Mauli Ola Foundation was stoked to hold their very first Malibu Surf Experience Day event on September 24, 2011.

 The great location was christened with a large turnout of CF patients and families. “We had about 14 patients, which is a high number for a new Surf Experience Day location,” explains MOF Surf Experience Director, Bobby Serna. “Typically, with new locations, there are 10 CF patients or less, in attendance.”  The large turn-out translates into a bigger and more eventful Malibu Surf Experience Day for 2012, according to Serna.

 The weather on Malibu beach was overcast, and the less than ideal sun bathing and swimming conditions left the beach emptier than usual, making for a more intimate experience for the kids, their families and all of the Mauli Ola volunteers. “It wasn’t crowded at the beach, but we had perfect one to two foot waves going all the way down into the bay and by the pier,” says Serna. 

 In true Malibu fashion, all of the kids were getting 100 to 200 yard rides, “as long as football fields!” exclaims Serna.  Staff and volunteers from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles were there, along with a camera crew from CBS morning talk show, The Doctors. CBS came down to the event to shoot video footage of a young CF patient surfing. “CBS’s The Doctors specifically brought down a young girl from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to film her surfing, providing b-roll footage for their show, The Doctors,” says Serna.

 The Hollywood quotient was upped even further when Conan the Barbarian star, Jason Momoa, came down to the MOF Malibu Surf Experience Day. Momoa surprised and delighted the kids and their families as he shot some personal video of the event and signed autographs. As Bobby Serna explains, “Kala Alexander is friends with Jason, and gave him a call asking him to come down to our surfing event. Everyone was so excited to have a television star there!”

 Josh Baxter from Summer Soul Surf camp is Mauli Ola Foundation’s sponsorship partner for South Orange County, CA.  In a continuing gesture of support, Baxter let Mauli Ola use Summer Soul Surf Camp surf boards and wet suits, as well as donating his time providing surf instruction to the kids. “Josh was doing tandem rides with the kids. There is a family that has three CF patients, and Josh got the brother and sister on the board at the same time and did a tandem ride,” states Serna.

 CF patients who attended the Malibu Surf Experience Day event included kids from Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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