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8 Sep 2011

Flexfit Displays Mauli Ola Signature Hats at...

8 September 2011


Flexfit Displays Mauli Ola Signature Hats at 2011 Surf Expo in Orlando 

 On September 8, 2011, surfing industry vendors displayed their wares at the Orlando Surf Expo Trade Show. Surfing enthusiasts and industry insiders perused each booth, and everything from surf-related apparel and accessories to nutritional products, and sunscreen were showcased before thousands of exhibition patrons. As a gesture of support and solidarity with Mauli Ola Foundation, Flexfit chose to incorporate their custom created Flexfit MOF signature hats into the landscape of their POP wall display.

 Flexfit’s 2011 Surf Expo POP display wall featured an ultra-modern, checkered design with MOF signature hats displayed in the shape of a diamond, and back lit to highlight each cap’s inventive artwork. Flexfit displayed 13 signature MOF hats created by famous professional surfers as well as 3 official MOF hats, and 6 of pro-surfer, Kalani Robb’s, color-in hats for children. A particular stand-out on the Flexfit display wall were the custom Kalani Robb signature hats, adorned with stenciled shapes and fun characters that are meant to be colored in. These Kalani Robb MOF coloring signature hats are a big hit at Mauli Ola’s various children’s hospital visits. The hats allow the pediatric patients to express themselves, as they color in all of the shapes and designs, making for wearable art that is uniquely their own.  

 The Mauli Ola Foundation pro-surfer signature hat collection is a special project for Flexfit, and symbolic of the ongoing commitment between Flexfit headwear, and various professional surfers and MMA athletes, with Mauli Ola Foundation. Mauli Ola is rapidly gaining traction in the media, among celebrated pro-athletes and in the medical community for their tireless work in spreading awareness of genetic diseases. MOF promotes surfing as a natural treatment method for children with Cystic Fibrosis and other genetic diseases. In addition to providing a much needed morale boost for young CF patients and their families, MOF Surf Experience Day events provide natural saline treatment for CF patients through the activity of surfing. Mauli Ola Foundation is also committed to lifting the spirits of pediatric patients in children’s hospitals all over the country, with regular hospital visits being a pivotal part of their national MOF Surf Experience Day tour.

 Flexfit’s corporate philosophy is one of giving back to important causes, and Flexfit continues to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through its headwear. “Mauli Ola is all about the surfing lifestyle. As a result, the Flexfit MOF signature hats were a great fit for display as a promotional backdrop at a surf market trade event,” explains Andy Song from Flexfit.

 “We are particularly proud of our MOF signature hat series,” states Song. “Nothing like this has ever been done in the headwear industry before. These hats are bringing enormous attention to Cystic Fibrosis awareness and natural saline therapy for CF patients.”

 Flexfit’s co-branded POP display at the Orlando Surf Expo exposed Mauli Ola Foundation and the MOF logo to thousands of Surf Expo attendees, many of whom had never previously been introduced to Mauli Ola Foundation. Passersby were curious about Mauli Ola Foundation and were amazed to hear about the work they are doing for kids with Cystic Fibrosis and other genetic diseases. Many people were also excited to learn about the large roster of famous pro-surfers and MMA fighters who are involved with Mauli Ola Foundation.