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12 Jun 2011

Mauli Ola Visits Powerhouse Beach in Del...

12 June 2011


Mauli Ola Visits Powerhouse Beach in Del Mar for North San Diego Surf Day

This year's Mauli Ola Surf Experience Day in San Diego, California was split into two different events to accommodate families living in both the north and south ends of San Diego County. On Sunday, June 12, 2011, Mauli Ola Foundation headed to northern San Diego, to the town of Del Mar, at Powerhouse Park & Beach.

"This was our first time holding a second San Diego Surf Experience Day event in the San Diego area, and the beach at Powerhouse Park at 15th street was an amazing venue," states MOF Surf Experience Director, Bobby Serna. 

Mauli Ola also partnered with a new surf school with Fulcrum Surf School becoming part of the Mauli Ola family.  According to Serna, "Fulcrum Surf School was very professional and they had some great instructors."

MOF Vice President and pro-surfing star, Kala Alexander, flew in from Hawaii to attend MOF Del Mar at Powerhouse beach, as well as Makua Rothman who was in San Diego at the time of the event. "Makua is so humble and respectful, yet he's one of the best surfers in the world. It's always a pleasure to have him at one of our surfing events," expresses Serna. MOF Community Outreach Director Kalani Robb and two-time U.S. longboard champion Josh Baxter were also in attendance. "Josh has become a staple at our events this year, taking an active role in our foundation with our surf instruction and beach activity," explains Serna. Black Belt Surfing fighter and Mixed Martial Artist Brian Ortega was also down at Powerhouse beach, coaching the kids and lifting their morale.

Without a lot of hype surrounding the north San Diego Surf Experience Day, "the North San Diego, Del Mar event was low key and mellow with lots of socializing and great support from the Cystic Fibrosis medical community," according to Bobby Serna. Some of the CF patients and their families have been to previous Surf Experience Days, and the Mauli Ola staff and volunteers got to witness some of the kids' recent progress.

"We have a family that has been coming to every event this summer. They have 5 kids, and 3 of their kids have CF, so they've been bringing their kids to every event. The youngest, Gavin, who is 5, last year he wouldn't even get in the water. He just stayed at the shoreline playing in the sand and collecting shells," describes Serna, continuing, "and on June 12th Josh Baxter got Gavin into the water and standing up on the board, and that's a real breakthrough!"

In addition to 5 year old Gavin's progress at the Del Mar event, his sister Brooke paddled out on her own, really getting the hang of the whole surfing experience. As for the family's oldest child, Michael, 8 years old, "he got some of the rides of his life when he and Josh [Baxter] paddled further out than anyone," concludes Serna.

When describing how a good number of CF patients heard about the north San Diego MOF event, Serna explains, "We send out flyers to the local hospitals that care for CF patients and many of the attendees at the Del Mar event heard about our event through Navy Medical Center."

Serna continues, "A pulmonary nurse named Lisa R. Burns from the Navy Medical Center’s CF Care Clinic helped to spread the word among CF patients and families." In addition to participation from Navy Medical Center, CF patients from Loma Linda University Medical Center were also down at Powerhouse Beach.

"You can't participate in our surfing events without a doctor's consent, so with hospitals promoting our events and lending their brand and logo to our fliers, it really lends tremendous medical credibility as to the benefits of our Surf Experience Days for CF patients," concludes Bobby Serna