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1 May 2011

MOF San Onofre Gets U.S. Marine Support...

1 May 2011


MOF San Onofre Gets U.S. Marine Support & Catches the Perfect Wave

On May 1, 2011 Mauli Ola Foundation staff, pro-surfing volunteers and Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families celebrated the first day of Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month by participating in the first MOF Surf Experience Day event of 2011. MOF San Onofre also kicked off the start of Mauli Ola’s 2011 national Surf Experience Tour. Church Beach at San Onofre is nestled on the private property of the U.S. Marine Corps’s Camp Pendleton.

“We were guests of the Marine Corps Community Services Department,” stated MOF Surf Experience Director, Bobby Serna.  “They gave us a permit and we pulled right up to the private beach, which is typically just reserved for personnel and military families.”

The group lucked out with plenty of sunshine and waves that were two feet tall, ideal for beginning surf students. Two-time U.S. Longboard Surfing Champion, Josh Baxter, the owner of Summer Soul Surf Camp, provided surfing instruction to CF patients at this event. “Josh brought us the surfboards and wet suits,” explains Serna, “but he was also a phenomenal surfing instructor, giving the kids the best ride of their lives!”

Some of the pro-surfers at San Onofre’s Church Beach literally gave blood, sweat, and tears for the kids. According to Bobby Serna, “Cobblestone and muscles attached themselves to some of the surf, cutting and scraping the pro-surfers, but they were good sports about the bruises and managed to laugh it off.”

On the upside, the private beach was not crowded with few people out and the consistent smaller waves providing a great atmosphere for surfing instruction. As Bobby Serna explains it, “There was not a long paddle out and the waves broke consistently that day. The height and break of the waves allowed all of the CF patients to get some great surfing instruction, and they were all actually catching waves.”  

Artist Dan Mars brought a canvas down to the event that was decorated with a surf and beach theme. Mars let everyone draw beach inspired artwork onto the canvas, allowing for an artistic expression to complement the day’s surf experience.

“In total, approximately 70 people came down to our event with tons of family members, friends and various event sponsors, and a lot of Ambry staff were down there. There was a lot of support at this event,” concludes Serna.

Sponsors for MOF San Onofre at Church Beach included: Ripcurl backpacks, Skullcandy headsets, ECO Logical sunscreen, Etnies shoes, Screen Candy window stickers, Hawaiian Springs water and Flexfit headwear.