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17 Feb 2009

HOPE FARMERS - Live Art Installation...

17 February 2009


HOPE FARMERS - Live Art Installation.

On February 17 - 19, 2009 Flexfit teamed up with Glue Network, Jedidiah and MAGIC Fashion Trade Show Las Vegas to create and auction a live art installation mural entitled HOPE FARMERS to benefit StandUp For Kids.

Attendees at this year's MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas were stopped in their tracks as they witnessed an inspirational live painting of the HOPE FARMERS mural by six talented artists:

Joshua Clay -
Blain Fontana -
Serge Gay -
Tommii Lim -
Kelli Murray -
J-Shea -
This colorful live art installation was organized by Glue Network, Flexfit, Jedidiah and MAGIC Show to raise money for the Las Vegas chapter of StandUp For Kids.  
The mural, named HOPE FARMERS, was put up for silent auction and was purchased for fifteen thousand dollars by the CEO of Kangol who will have the mural installed at his new showroom in Los Angeles, CA. 50% of the proceeds from the auctioned mural will go to StandUp For Kids, with the remaining 50% being split between Glue Network and the 6 participating artists.

StandUp For Kids Outreach Centers provide resources for homeless and at-risk youth through educational programs, one-on-one counseling and an ongoing atmosphere of hope and concern.