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1 Sep 2010

MOF Virginia Beach Provided Perfect Waves and...

1 September 2010


MOF Virginia Beach Provided Perfect Waves and Ideal Surfing Conditions.

The young Cystic Fibrosis patients who showed up to Mauli Ola Foundation’s Virginia Beach Surf Experience Day event on September 1, 2010 were long time fans and stoked to make the acquaintance of some of their favorite professional surfers who were in attendance. “Virginia Beach is a surf town so a lot of the kids and parents knew who the surfers were,” explains MOF Surf Experience Director, Bobby Serna. CF patients and their parents gathered around pro-surfers like Shawn “Barney” Barron, Keali'i Mamala and Gavin Beschen for autographs during the event.

Legendary Texas surf pro and owner of Texas Surf Camp, Morgan Faulkner, is also a fan of the surfers who provided instructed in Virginia Beach, so much so, that he followed Mauli Ola all the way from Texas to be a part of the Virginia Beach event. Faulkner’s impromptu appearance in Virginia Beach was nothing short of providential as he managed to become engulfed in a giant wave or “tubed’ inside the wave, catching a five second barrel and wowing the crowd of spectators in the process! According to Bobby Serna, “Getting barreled or “tubed” is the golden grail of surfing. It’s why surfers surf, and it was a cool highlight of this event.”  Serna continues, “Morgan Faulkner is always a great addition to our surf experience days. We mainly teach kids to surf on longboards, and Faulkner used to compete in the longboard divisions.”

The water was warm, the weather simply beautiful and this was the first east coast event where “we managed to catch some decent waves and everyone got in the water,” stated MOF Surf Experience Day Director, Bobby Serna.

The event was held at Camp Pendleton Beach, a stone’s throw from the famous and now inactive United States Marine base. Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp and WRV Surf Shop sponsored the event and helped out by providing equipment and surf boards for learning. As MOF Virginia Beach came to a close there was a big poster autograph signing that continued out into the parking lot, culminating with a memorable group picture taken up against Mauli Ola’s national tour bus.