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22 Jan 2011

Flexfit Sponsors Glue Network's Mission to Mexico...

22 January 2011


On January 22, 2011 Glue Network pooled its resources and headed down to Tijuana, Mexico where the charitable organization linked up with Mexico Caravan Ministries and to built home for a Mexican family in need.

“After re-uniting with Eddie Passmore, the leader of Mexico Caravan Ministries, I learned that he was still taking groups down the Tijuana to build homes. I reached out to my core group of friends and to see who may want to participate, and everyone I shared the project with was interested in helping in some way,” notes Glue Network’s Scott Hancock.

Once in Tijuana, Mexico all of the raw housing materials were there and ready to go along with explicit instructions given to the nine Glue Network volunteers who were on hand to build one fortunate family a new home.  “In Tijuana you are either well off or poor,” explains Hancock.  “Many families live in shacks built from anything they can find and they have no running water, no [plumbing], and very often no electricity. “

This particular house was built and placed in front of this particular family’s existing 15x10 shelter where approximately ten people were residing. The chosen family was on sight, lending a hand in the building of their new home when they could. To show their gratitude for the work and compassion of Mexico Caravan Ministries and the Glue Network, the family prepared a meal of fresh chicken, pork and strawberry tamales for all of the volunteers to enjoy.

Glue Network was thrilled to build a proper home for a deserving Mexican family, but wanting to go above and beyond by donating more than just a home, they called upon  some caring sponsors to pitch in donate their wares.  “We brought clothes, kitchen equipment, and everything else we could get our hands on that the family could use,” explains Hancock.

Sponsors and longtime Glue Network supporters Flexfit and Jedidiah Clothing donated a generous amount of sample apparel and headwear, and overstock items to the cause.

According to Glue Network’s Scott Hancock, “Our tagline has always been, ‘Love Requires Action.’  It’s great to talk about doing positive things in the world, but it is much greater to get out and DO them!”

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