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28 May 2010

Mauli Ola Surf Hits Waikiki Beach, Hawaii...

28 May 2010


On Saturday, May 28th, Mauli Ola Foundation hit sunny picturesque Waikiki beach in Hawaii where eleven young Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families enjoyed Mauli Ola’s 3rd Surf Experience day of 2010.

Some of Hawaii’s most legendary surfers rallied at the event to mentor kids and to donate their surfing instruction and mentorship to families affected by CF.

Kala Alexander, Sunny Garcia, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Michael Ho, Tai Van Dyke, David Kuwada, and local resident Gavin Beschen all worked with the eleven young Cystic Fibrosis patients who participated in the day’s surfing instruction. Of the eleven young surfing students who attended Waikiki’s Surf Experience Day event, some were new to surfing, while others were return students who felt more confident navigating Waikiki’s 1 to 2 ft. high waves.

Professional surfers and top surf board designers Ben Aipa and Donald Takayama were in the crowd cheering on students. Fellow pro-surfer and founder of one of the oldest surf camps in the United States, Doc Paskowitz, also lent a hand to the young fledgling surfers who attended the event. Paskowitz’s surf camp specializes in working with new and inexperienced surfing students, providing them the personal attention and instruction they need to navigate the waves.

One child, Erik Rodriguez, was busy paddling and catching waves by himself. “If you had seen these kids two years ago, at their first MOF Surf Experience Day, and how frail and intimidated they were about getting into the ocean, you would never know it was the same kids. Just amazing, the new attitude they had about surfing!” exclaims Mauli Ola Foundation’s Bobby Serna.

All kids in attendance enjoyed their donated Flexfit Camo hats, Etnies shoes, Skull Candy backpacks and headphones, as well as the camaraderie of their families and fellow students.

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