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26 Jun 2010

MOF San Diego Had Big Waves and...

26 June 2010


There were one to two foot waves on Saturday, June 26th at Mauli Ola Foundation’s Surf Experience Day event at San Elijo State Park in northern San Diego, California.

Brought together by Navy Medical Center and Rady Children’s CF Clinic, many of the families were acquainted with one another prior to the event, and began sharing intimate stories of their experiences caring for children who are living with Cystic Fibrosis. “One mother told me that the same parents that were in attendance with their families that morning meet monthly to support each other’s journey with CF,” recounts MOF Surf Experience Day coordinator Bobby Serna.

According to Serna, “In these meetings they talk about each other’s children, but this was the first time they were all together as families actually watching each other’s kids taking part in an activity.”

Aside from promoting MOF’s Surf Experience Day at San Elijo State Park, Dr. Mark Pian, Program Director of Rady Children’s CF Clinic, was at the event cheering on his young patients and he even got in the water as a surf instructor. Other featured MOF surf instructors that day included: Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Don Bigelow and Dustin Hein. Many of the kids were able to stand up on their surf boards for the first time, and siblings of CF patients were included in the surfing instruction so they would not feel left out.

“We know through our research how beneficial surfing is for people living with CF, as far as easing symptoms and improving patients’ lung function, but it feels great to get first hand confirmation from the families,” expresses Bobby Serna. “The feedback continues to come back from the parents that surfing is improving their children’s lung functions and increasing morale for the entire family.”

Mauli Ola Foundation has become one of the best surf programs, supporting children and individuals challenged by CF and other genetic disorders. North San Diego’s Surf Experience Day caps off another successful west coast MOF surfing event, and according to MOF Surf Experience Day coordinator Bobby Serna, the custom Flexfit Mauli Ola Foundation hats have been huge for the foundation’s success in spreading awareness for their cause.

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