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24 Dec 2010

Flexfit Continues Its Support of Habilitat...

24 December 2010


With its 30 month-long program focusing on the “Therapeutic Community” method of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment, Habilitat has been a safe haven for recovering addicts since 1971. Habilitat follows a regimented treatment and recovery program consisting of active treatment, re-entry into everyday life which includes career and skills training, and a post-entry phase where patients are slowly and carefully re-introduced to everyday life.

Some residents choose to continue their stay at Habilitat in an optional “elder” phase where residents can take their time to re-establish themselves both emotionally and financially. Finally, the “staff trainee” phase is for those in recovery who wish to give back what they have gained by working at Habilitat.

According to one former resident, “Habilitat is more than a treatment program. It is a life changing experience.” Another proclaims, “More than anything, Habilitat showed me I was worth something.”

A mainstay at Habilitat is their annual Christmas Project and holiday celebration which plays an integral role in fundraising and building resident moral.

Habilitat’s Christmas Project begins each year with their annual Christmas tree sale with all proceeds from sales going back into Habilitat’s programs. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day family members of residents are welcomed onto Habilitiat’s grounds to visit with their loved ones, and to celebrate a traditional Christmas with lots of food, laughter and singing. During the festivities, Christmas boxes are distributed to each resident. “During the holiday season we call upon companies like Flexfit to help us fulfill the needs of our residents… the items in each gift box will help get residents through the following year,” explains recovered Habilitat resident and Acquisitions Representative, Randy Wirtenson. Christmas boxes for residents typically include: clothing, shoes, hats, toiletries, and other assorted essentials.

Flexfit is proud to donate their hats each year for Habilitat’s resident Christmas gift boxes. Other sponsors this year include: Walmart, CVS, Starbucks, McDonald’s, 3M, Home Depot, Nestle, Safeway, Harley Davidson, Subway and Volcom among others.

To learn more about Habilitat’s unique rehabilitation program, located in Kaneohe, HI, please visit