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24 Aug 2010

Kala Alexander Demonstrates Paddle Board...

24 August 2010


On August 24, 2010 Mauli Ola Foundation hit the beaches of Galveston, Texas along their MOF National Surf Experience Day Tour to treat kids with Cystic Fibrosis to a day of surf instruction alongside pro-surfing legends. It was an intimate event with four children in attendance, two of which had CF, and two who were supportive siblings who wanted to join in on the surfing action!

With unusually calm surf that produced modest waves, Texas Surf Camp owner, Morgan Faulkner, strategically placed and looped a reed in the water, creating a barrel for everyone to paddle through. Stand-up paddle boarding was the main activity of the day in Galveston with legendary pro-surfers Kala Alexander, Kainoa McGee and Kealii Mamala teaching the kids how to stand-up paddle on the relatively still waters. In addition to his traditional pro-surfing career, Kala Alexander competes on the Stand-Up [Paddle] World Tour. Alexander was happy to share his paddling trade secrets with the enthusiastic kids.

“The waves were small, real ankle biters,” joked MOF Surf Experience Day Coordinator Bobby Serna. “Stand-up paddling saved the event.”

Makua Rothman and Hans Hagen, along with Kala Alexander flew into Houston from Hawaii just to be with the kids at the Galveston MOF Surf Experience Day event. “The kids who showed up knew who the pro-surfers were and they were excited that surfers of that stature would spend the day at their surfing event,” explained Serna. “That was the biggest group of Hawaiian pro-surfers and watermen to be on a Texas beach all at once in ten years!” exclaimed Serna.

Morgan Faulkner and Texas Surf Camp hosted the event with Ambry Genetics and Flexfit as sponsors.

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