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22 Aug 2010

MOF Hits First Stop On National Surf...

22 August 2010


Until recently, Mauli Ola Surf Experience Day events had been regionally restricted to the southern west coast of the U.S. On August 22, 2010 Mauli Ola hit the beach in Port Aransas, Texas for its inaugural stop on the national leg of their MOF Surf Experience Day tour!

“Thanks to the help of Flexfit and all of our other sponsors, we have been able to take this tour national, and Port Aransas was the very first stop on our national tour” exclaims Surf Experience Day Coordinator, Bobby Serna.

Sponsored by Texas Surf Camps and run by pro-surfer Morgan Faulkner, Port Aransas got off to a great start. “Faulkner is the best pro-surfer to ever come out of the state of Texas, and he has more national amateur titles than anyone else in his state,” explains Serna.

The Port Aransas MOF Surf Experience Day event welcomed a handful of children as word is just beginning to spread about Mauli Ola Foundation in other parts of the U.S. “It is our first year and not a lot of people knew about us, but we anticipate tripling or quadrupling our attendance next year,” asserts Serna.

In Port Aransas, Mauli Ola Foundation decided to do something different by taking the “surf experience” from the beach and into the hospital for children who were medically not able to visit the beach. “We went with pro-surf athletes to Christus Santa Rosa Hospital and to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston,” explains Serna. “The pro-surfers actually signed autographs and visited all the kids in pediatrics.”

Kala Alexander , Shawn “Barney” Barron, Gavin Beschen, Morgan Faulkner, Keali’i Mamala, Kainoa McGee, Makua Kai Rothman and UFC Mixed Martial Artist Nissen Osterneck were among the pro-athletes who helped to bring inspiration and joy to CF patients in Port Aransas, Texas.

For the CF patients who were on the beach there was some good swell in the waves, ideal for surfing action. “The kids were grateful because a lot of them live far from the beach, and they drove a long way to come be with us and get to surf,” states Serna.

Bobby Serna and the rest of the Mauli Ola Foundation staff and volunteers were undaunted by the event’s modest turn out, stating, “Even if we change the life of one child, it’s worth it. We anticipate 20 patients out there for 2011! ”

Sponsors included: Ambry Genetics, A-Med Healthcare, Clif Bar, Etnies, Flexfit, Hansen’s Natural and Texas Skull Candy.